Cross-dressing Liev Schreiber Wows Ang Lee With Legs


Liev Schreiber plays a cross-dresser in Ang Lee's forthcoming Taking Woodstock, and he'd like you to know that he's totally okay with dressing as a woman: "I've done it once before," he told us last night at the Gates, at a party celebrating his cover story in Hamptons magazine. "I'd just gotten out of school the first time I did it. I was such an excited drama student back then that I did a ton of research that I guess I kind of borrowed from this time." He continued: "But there isn't really a tremendous need for that. Putting on women's clothing and acting like a woman is something that comes naturally to men," he said. "All men do it, whether publicly or privately. I personally believe that all men enjoy it." But how, exactly, did Schreiber win the role, and the chance to showcase his superior cross-dressing ability in an Ang Lee movie? "He really did like my legs. When I went to his office, the first thing he said to me was, 'Wow, you have really nice legs.' I thought, 'This part is mine.'"