Disaster Averted: Mad Men Not Being Shortened


Good news! Last week, the world was horrified to learn that AMC had demanded Matthew Weiner trim two minutes from each episode of Mad Men's upcoming third season to accommodate an additional commercial break, blaming the crappy economy and the fact that the show doesn't make enough money. Today, though, Nikki Finke reports that the whole dispute's been resolved and, while there will indeed be extra ads this year, AMC will compensate by allowing Mad Men to run two minutes past 11 p.m. This is a happy ending for all, except people who mind having endings cut off by their TiVos.

Update: More good news! According to Michael Ausiello's Twitter, Mad Men's third season will premiere on Sunday, August 16.

'Mad Men' & AMC Settle 2-Minute Dispute [DHD]
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