Ellen Page Willfully Ignores Vulture’s Moratorium on Any Further Usage of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’


When we threw down the gauntlet last month and demanded a moratorium on any further usage of "Don't Stop Believing," many of you took to the comment section to declare we were off our rockers. What all of you failed to realize was that we weren't doing this out of any irrational hatred of the song; rather, we were JUST TRYING TO PROTECT YOU! Case in point: For some reason, Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat (who you'll recall as Maeby from Arrested Development), and Har Mar Superstar just released what can only be described as the most ear-splitting rendition of the song ever recorded. We're not exactly sure what inspired these three co-stars of Whip It! to break out their home-video camera and film a largely conceptless video of themselves hanging around various locations in Los Angeles singing along to the beloved power ballad (woefully out of key, no less), but EllenPage.org seems to think it's some sort of present for Page's mom, Martha Philpotts. Don't get it twisted, we're in full support of thinking outside the bun when it comes to giving cool gifts to one's parents, but next time, might we suggest a lip dub?

Ellen Page Achieves Indie-est “Don’t Stop Believing” Cover On The ‘Net [BWE]