Fifteen-Year-Old Usher Protégé Throws a Sexy Party


Of all the music videos centered around the impromptu house parties inspired by their owners’ sudden absences, Justin Bieber’s clip for the flawless “One Time” may be the most fraught: The 15-year-old Usher protégé invites hordes of not just party people, but, in fact, jailbait to his mentor’s place, which the superstar discovers upon his return home. (Wasn’t it a similar situation that finally got randy Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi heat from his electorate?) Regardless, the video’s now one of the most popular on YouTube (it premiered this weekend), and we understand why: Squeaky-voiced as he is, Bieber sounds more like a louche R&B singer than a teen-popper. He calls the object of his affection “Shorty,” and, per the song’s title, he promises he’ll profess his love but “one time” — presumably because he’s headed off to war and this is her last chance to help him fog up the windows of Usher’s Lamborghini. Ladies, are you feeling this little homey?