Filmmaker Bruce McDonald Clears Dance Floor by Process of Elimination


We’re big fans of Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald’s tripped-out linguistic zombie flick Pontypool, currently playing at Cinema Village. (Edelstein described it as “Wittgensteinian.”) The film once again proves the staggering versatility of its director, who has also given us such genre-bending exercises as the deconstructionist coming-of-age flick The Tracey Fragments, the mock-rock doc Hard Core Logo, and the neo–road-movie Highway 61. So we’re excited to offer McDonald’s 1998 short Elimination Dance, which starts off looking like a meet-cute romantic comedy and then turns into something infinitely weirder, an absurdist roundelay that becomes a hilarious and sad allegory of modern love. You may also recognize co-writer and co-star Don McKellar, a regular from numerous Atom Egoyan films, not to mention an acclaimed director himself (Last Night, Childstar).