Filmmakers Bastian Caspar, Sebastian Natto, and Denis Trümbach Would Like to Take Your Picture


So, we got the chance to watch some of the short films screening at the Nantucket Film Festival next weekend — one of those festivals we’ve always wanted to attend, not just because it’s in beautiful Nantucket but also because they seem to show an eclectic bunch of films we want to see, usually with the filmmakers in attendance. (This year, for example, they have Andrew Bujalski’s Beeswax, Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker, and a 25th-anniversary screening of Ghostbusters, not to mention a screening of Year One, with Harold Ramis in attendance.) The shorts, too, were an impressive bunch. One of our favorites is a charming little German film called Relevé, directed by Bastian Caspar, Sebastian Natto, and Denis Trümbach. It actually starts off kind of creepily, with a man silently walking around and taking Polaroids of random bystanders, putting them into strange poses as he does so. Not knowing anything about the film going in, we were genuinely surprised by the direction it takes. See for yourself. And if you happen to be in Nantucket between June 18 and 21, we’re told tickets are still available for the festival.