Katherine Heigl Beats Brain Tumor, Signs On for More Grey’s Anatomy


Following Tuesday's tragic news that T.R. Knight was indeed killed by that bus, now comes word that Katherine Heigl will return for a sixth season of Grey's Anatomy in the fall. On May's season-five finale, Heigl's Dr. Izzie Stevens had her brain tumor successfully removed, but she flatlined during the show's final minutes. She was last seen riding an elevator to heaven with Knight's Dr. O'Malley, but unless Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes has hired Heigl back to play a dead body (which we wouldn't necessarily put past her), Izzie must've jumped out before it reached the top floor. Knight had reportedly asked to be let out of his contract, while Heigl had publicly expressed wishes to stay on (despite some earlier bitching), so we guess everybody's happy now. Except for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, whose character, Denny, is now sidelined until Izzie gets another brain tumor.

Katherine Heigl back at 'Grey's Anatomy' [HR]