Mickey Rourke Apparently Providing Own Wardrobe for Iron Man 2


So we guess we know where Paramount saved money in its Mickey Rourke budget! The studio today released the first image of the handsome actor playing bad guy Whiplash in next year's Iron Man 2. But what's up with the cheap-looking supervillain costume? At least it's a little more stylish than what he wore to the Oscars — but are we really to believe that this unprotective, seemingly rust-prone skeleton of a suit will actually pose a threat to the Iron Man armor? Maybe it's a prototype? Director Jon Favreau tells USA Today that the fictional technology in Rourke's chest piece is "definitely related" to that of Iron Man's, but it probably won't do him much good if he gets whacked in the stomach.

First look: Mickey Rourke suits up as Whiplash for 'Iron Man 2' [USAT]