Kal Penn’s White House Dreams On Hold


When Kal Penn approached the producers of House to let them know he needed a quick way to get off the hit show so he could join the Obama administration, they quickly obliged (by way of a gunshot wound to the head, no less). We sincerely hope that Kal Penn didn't take all the money out of his savings account and spend it at the racetrack, though, because he has yet to officially begin collecting a paycheck for his proposed job as an associate director in the White House Office of Public Liaison. The Wrap is reporting that they spoke with a White House press official who told them the following: "Though we look forward to him joining the team, Kal is not working for the administration at this time." They also added that there is no official start date for Penn to begin his service. We'll keep you posted about this as more details emerge, but in the meantime, we have our fingers crossed that he wasn't caught smuggling a Whizzinator into the Oval Office restroom.

The Actor Left 'House' for the White House ... But He's Still Not There [Wrap]