Kristen Schaal Gets a Pilot Greenlit ... in England


Despite frequent appearances on Flight of the Conchords and The Daily Show, Kristen Schaal still hasn't quite broken through to household-name status here in the United States. We're not exactly sure why audiences haven't gravitated toward this incredibly talented and quirky comedienne, but in a spot of good news for fans of alternative comedy, her star seems to be on the rise across the pond. According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Schaal and her writing and performing partner, Kurt Braunohler, just returned from shooting a for-broadcast pilot based on their offbeat webseries Penelope, Princess of Pets that was commissioned by Channel 4. The absurdist premise for the show revolves around Penelope (Schaal) — who discovered that she had an ability to speak to animals when she first "became a woman" (we'll leave it up to you to read between those lines) — and her mission "to assassinate a member of Parliament because the animals told her to do it." We're a little bit bummed that this series will initially only be airing in England, but with any luck, the good people over at Adult Swim will do us all a solid (like they did with The Mighty Boosh) and pick up the show.

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