Leaving the Couch No Longer Necessary for Buying Video Games


E3, the annual video-game–industry trade show, is currently happening in Los Angeles, which means lots of big announcements for nerds this week (hey — a new Mario game!). But because we actually waited 30 minutes in line at Gamestop on Saturday only to be told that the Ghostbusters game will not, technically, be released for another two weeks, we find the following news particularly exciting: Beginning in August, Xbox 360 users will be able to download full games over Xbox Live. (There's currently no word on which ones, or how soon after their physical release they'll be available, but pictures suggest they'll be slightly older ones.) Also, the new version of Sony's PSP — the details for which leaked over the weekend — does away with discs altogether, meaning all games will presumably be purchasable over a Wi-Fi connection. We don't imagine retail stores will be thrilled to hear this, but it's terrific news for fans of sitting.

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