Letterman vs. Conan vs. Colbert: How Will You Set Your DVR?


In this week's magazine, Sam Anderson wonders what Conan O'Brien's new job as host of the Tonight Show will mean, philosophically, for David Letterman. In a practical sense, though, what will it mean for our TiVos? For as long as we've had a Time Warner DVR — which, as you know, is capable of recording only two things simultaneously — the 11:30 hour has been a conflict-free zone; as unrepentant fans of grouchy absurdism, we've always recorded Letterman and The Colbert Report. But now that Conan's on at the exact same time, one show will have to be sacrificed. Comedy Central posts full episodes of Colbert the next morning, so that would seem to be the most logical loser. But while we'll probably tolerate Hulu's small windows and buffering times for this week, we've always liked watching it on our couch. Conan's going to have to earn this.

Letterman vs. Mini-Letterman [NYM]