Letterman Wins Again!


The ratings for last night's late shows are in, and, as expected, Letterman's more-famous guests (Denzel Washington, the Jonas Brothers) helped him outdraw Conan, who had Norm MacDonald and Neko Case, for the second time this week. And by no small margin! Late Show scored a 3.5 over the Tonight Show's 3.0. NBC points out that O'Brien is still winning with advertiser-beloved demographics, but surely it must make them worry that Letterman's victories this week over Tonight were his only two in eight months. We watched both shows, and while we'll concede that the Jonas Brothers' performance was totally bangin', we think Norm MacDonald stole the night with a charming story about Andy Richter, former male prostitute.

Thursday late-night ratings: O'Brien vs. Letterman [Live Feed/HR]