Letterman’s Popularity Exploding Among People Advertisers Are Indifferent Toward


Since Conan O'Brien took the reins of the Tonight Show at the beginning of this month, seemingly each new day has brought another ratings milestone for Letterman. And today, another! In last week's ratings, for the first time since 2005, Dave's Late Show won more viewers than Tonight over a five-day period (with an average of 3.46 million to 3.32 million), announces a CBS press release today. However, in a competing press release, NBC points out that Conan is still winning in the usual, all-important "key demographics." So where are Letterman's new fans coming from? Is it just the elderly? Is he also surging among convicted felons and people living under bridges? CBS points out that Dave is also, little by little, narrowing the gap among the demos, so at least his advertisers are getting something for their money.

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