Major Lazer, Major Fun


Seeing as it doesn’t feature Andy Milonakis dropping bombs like “I eat your zombie brains like Nesquik / and you suck my zombie dick,” Major Lazer’s second single, “Hold the Line,” is a bit easier to evaluate on face value than their first. Lazer, a Jamaican commando veteran of “the secret Zombie War of 1984” (a.k.a. Diplo and Switch), practices the same kind of critically approved cultural appropriation as recent Right-Click honoree the Very Best: hip white dudes making tunes in a ghettoized world-music genre (this time, dance hall) along with a genre vet (Mr. Lex, riding the hectic beat like an old rodeo hand) and an indie-circuit fave (Santogold, doing her best “A Milli”). Guess what? It works! The most fun-packed three-and-a-half minutes you’ll have all day.