MGMT Pushes Boundaries With Its Nightmarish Video for ‘Kids’


We're not exactly sure why MGMT's infectious single "Kids" seems to be catching fire a full year and a half after Oracular Spectacular came out (and, for that matter, a full five years after it was originally recorded). But don't get it twisted, it's not like we're complaining: we can't help breaking out into a little Stanky Leg every time we hear it. However, one of the reasons the song didn't exactly "pop" prior to now is because the band has been entangled in a lengthy conflict with their record label about the direction their music video takes. But now that the music video has finally been released, we can begin to see why the end result allegedly gave the record company pause. The video is nearly as nightmarish as director Chris Cunningham's legendary treatment of Aphex Twin's "Come to Daddy," only instead of featuring an elderly grandmother as a protagonist, MGMT's video features a screaming toddler being accosted by a parade of frightening demons wherever he goes. If you thought that the kids who participated in those bizarre Anne Geddes photo shoots looked traumatized, just wait until you see this youngster's ruddy and teary mug.

New MGMT video for the song “Kids” [True Believer/Tumblr]