New Yorker Critic James Wood Books New Gig: ‘Guest Percussionist’


And you thought he just sat around all day reading Proust and plotting global domination! To celebrate the upcoming release of Harper Perennial's Heavy Rotation: Twenty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives — to which he contributes an essay on the Who — New Yorker book critic James Wood will perform live on July 1 in Bryant Park, adding "guest percussion" to a concert by author John Jeremiah Sullivan's band, Fayaway. Provided he is not mobbed by groupies, Wood is expected to play two sets. And, lest you think he'll just stand there and lamely shake a tambourine, we'd like to assure you: The Woodman can rock. Don't believe us? There's video evidence after the jump.

Heavy Rotation, the debut and the parties [Steamboats are Ruining Everything via Levi Stahl]