Nicolas Cage Denies Rendezvous With Voodoo Priestess on Set of Sorcerer’s Apprentice


While we initially felt like it wasn't worth giving any credence to the tabloid rumors that Nic Cage hired a voodoo priestess to ward off evil spirits on the danger-plagued set of The Sorcerer's Apprentice by writing a blog post about it, we do find it totally hilarious that Nic Cage is self-aware enough to recognize that a great many people would not put an act like this past him. With that in mind, Nic Cage issued a statement to HitFix denying this ever happened: "I did not hire a Voodoo Priestess to break a hex on the set. That's 100% false. And I don't know why tabloids don't call up and ask before they print this gobbly gook." Hmmm, "gobbly gook" sure sounds like witch talk to us! [HitFix]