Judd Apatow Can Probably Leave Adam Sandler’s Old-Man Baby on the Cutting-Room Floor


Judd Apatow's forthcoming cancer comedy Funny People is already being hailed as "really a brilliant film ... it's a James L. Brooks–level thing," but we'll admit that the film's alleged 150-minute running time is giving us the slightest bit of pause. Of course, Apatow is not exactly known for being judicious in the editing bay, so we thought we'd help by suggesting some trims he could make. We're a-okay with leaving the Yo, Teach bits in the final cut, but now that we've seen extended footage of Adam Sandler's turn as an old-man baby in Funny People's movie-within-a-movie, Re-Do, we're fairly confident that this bit could be relegated to the DVD extras. Especially when you consider that it's a mishmash of Big and Little Man, only without any of the laughs. Not having seen the whole film, there's an off chance this bit helps to illustrate the career rut Sandler's character has found himself entrenched in (or something), but we'd like to think that we just helped reduce the running time of the movie by exactly one minute and 31 seconds. You can thank us later, Judd!

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