Passion Pit Represents for the Massholes at Bowery Ballroom


We consider ourselves honorary Massholes — we’re half Irish and prone to road rage, and we’ve watched the Red Sox at Professor Thom's — but the last time we saw a Boston band play must’ve been ten years ago (it was Karate, and, as a matter of fact, we have a vague sense they were actually from Somerville). If there was anything disappointing about Passion Pit’s Friday concert (the first of two sold-out Bowery Ballroom performances), it was that the Boston group didn’t attract a bunch of New England d-bags in white caps. The band is the latest hot example of the Brooklynization — or perhaps the Animal Collectivization — of indie rock: They’re beardy, weirdy, and, generally speaking, pretty fly for white guys. The most telling thing about the show was how deserted the mezzanine and basement levels were — all the youngsters were packed onto the main floor, dancing and singing along. (Front man Michael Angelakos truly needed the help with the latter.) It was a real emo party — and, you know, that’s how we think of parties in Boston, anyhow.