Jimmy Fallon and John Krasinski Demo Project Natal, Xbox 360’s Wii Killer


Regardless of our feelings on the Saved By the Bell reunion stunt, one of the things we've found ourselves really enjoying about Late Night With Jimmy Fallon is his ability to convince his guests to do more than just sit on the couch and pimp their projects. For example, take last night's demonstration of Project Natal, which is a brand-new technology for the Xbox 360 video-game system that is set to make the Nintendo Wii all but obsolete whenever Microsoft decides to release it. Instead of just letting Microsoft's creative director Kudo Tsunoda interact with the totally awesome new technology all by his lonesome, Fallon encouraged his guests John Krasinski and Stephen Moyer (True Blood) to join in on the action by dressing up in silly red jumpsuits and playing some sort of Breakout-type game alongside him. We're sold!

Kudo Tsunoda Demos Project Natal [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]