Gael García Bernal Will Take Whatever He Can Get


"It feels nice when people say nice things about you, even if they're only talking about your feet." —Gael García Bernal [Contact Music]

"Thank God, my real life doesn't resemble poor Mia at all." —Hope Davis on her In Treatment character [Daily Beast]

"Do you know Apocalypse Now? The part where the captain stands up and says 'Some day, this war will be over!' I did that and I said 'Some day, this film will be over.' Only a few of us laughed." — Mark Williams, a.k.a. Arthur Weasley, on the inevitable death of Harry Potter films [Hero Complex/LAT]

"It's a soap opera. You can do whatever you want. I mean, the whole building was blown up and everyone lived." —Grant Show on it not being weird that Sydney Andrews will return to Melrose Place, despite having died [Marc Malkin/E]

"Part of this is living in New York where a lot of people are very mean spirited and very snarky, and so I sometimes forget that there are people in the United States who are not inherently mean-spirited and snarky. I think living in the United States being criticized so much I've developed a little bit of a beaten dog complex." —Moby [Suicide Girls]

"I made $12,000. That's why I did it. ... And they cut my hair. But you know who else was up for that? Sarah Jessica Parker. I beat her." —Tori Amos on the Kellogg's Just Right commercial you can see on YouTube [Spin]