Did Eminem Have Advance Knowledge of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Crotch Attack?


Even if you don't love Twilight or enjoy being horrified by what teenagers are up to these days, last night's MTV Movie Awards still had its moments. Well, it had Sacha Baron Cohen, in character as Brüno, descending upside down from the ceiling and landing with his scrotal region in Eminem's face, anyway. Eminem did storm out of the building, but, given that this was a fairly complicated prank requiring the approval of MTV producers and crew — plus the fact that it sort of looked like its target had more than enough time to move out of the way — it seems like he must've been in on it, at least on some level. Conspiracy theorists have noted that there was no punching after the fact, unlike the time Slim Shady had his integrity impugned by a dog puppet at another MTV awards show. And he didn't really seem upset until he realized that Baron Cohen's ass was uncovered, so maybe pants were part of the original agreement. No matter what, though, we're pretty sure Em would not have consented to the existence of the above photo.

Here's the video: