Is Season Four of Heroes Gunning for Lowbrow Despicable?


Considering that Heroes remains near the top of the list of most DVRed programs on television and that marketers rank it alongside Lost as one of the most valuable franchises on television today, NBC had some decent rationale for renewing the show for a fourth season. Still, that doesn't mean that showrunners aren't working overtime figuring out ways to goose the show's falling ratings. To that end, NBC is promoting Days of our Lives actress Rachel Melvin and casting her as the college roommate of Claire (Hayden Panettiere), one that will — and we quote — "share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire." And while we don't have any sources in the Heroes writing room, we've been around long enough to recognize that this tantalizingly ambiguous "and maybe more" phraseology likely means that NBC is at least considering scenarios in which the cheerleader might engage in a little same-sex experimentation in order to drive ratings next fall. If this stunt comes to fruition, we will only have one comment: Congratulations, Fox, you're no longer the most deplorable network on television!