The Game and Chris Brown Offer Deeply Awkward Michael Jackson Tribute


Seems like not all contemporary hip-hop stars are opposed to Chris Brown paying Michael Jackson respect — on his hastily constructed tribute track “Better on the Other Side,” the Game has (boldly?) enlisted Brown for hook duty. But this being the Game, there are far more interesting things to talk about here: Between insanely clunky lines (“Who’s Michael Jackson? / You’re Michael Jackson / I’m Michael Jackson / We all Michael Jackson”), specious-sounding personal stories (in the misappropriated words of Seth Meyers — really, Game, MJ called you out of the blue to beg you to stop beefing with 50? Really!?!), and highly questionable images (two words: bathtub, candlelight), our head is practically spinning. But you know what? We kind of love this — it’s totally awkward, yes, but all the more sincere for it, coming off as nothing more than another tribute from a gushingly overeager shaken-up MJ fan, albeit one with a major media platform. Once again, the Game proves why being the most emotionally unstable mainstream emcee alive is a great thing.