The Met Makes Good on Promised Layoffs


The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced today that it has completed the round of layoffs announced back in March, with an overall death toll of 357 positions, a number accounting for 14 percent of the museum's staff. Over the past few weeks, 74 workers were pink-slipped and 95 more accepted retirement packages; director Thomas P. Campbell claims no department was unaffected. This will save about $10 million per year, though it still won't make up the shortfall in 2010's operating budget, says Met chairman James Houghton. He promises, however, though that patrons will "discern no difference at all in the visitor experience it has been our privilege to offer to them here" — museum hours will remain the same, as will the number of open galleries. But next year, all paintings on the second floor will be done by interns.

Metropolitan Museum Completes Round of Layoffs [NYT]