Theater-Industry Employees Blown Away by Footage From Theater-Industry–Saving Avatar


Twenty-four minutes of Avatar, James Cameron's purportedly revolutionary, colossally budgeted 3-D sci-fi epic that theater-chain owners hope will save their businesses from threat of home video-game consoles and flat-panel televisions, has screened at Cinema Expo, a trade show in Amsterdam for people whose livelihoods depend on the continued success of movie theaters. The reaction? Mostly positive, as you might imagine! "If it's anything like the scenes I saw, it's going to be one of the best movies of the decade," reports an anonymous tipster at IESB. "The beauty completely takes my breath away," claims another at Coming Soon. "Absolutely stunning," tweets the vice-president of product development at DTS Digital Cinema. A couple of the reviews reveal some very minor plot details, but trust us — if Avatar is as good as these people whose jobs it will save say it is, you'll probably want to see it fresh.

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