Twilight 2: Taylor Lautner Has Restless Chest Syndrome


Although Fartman's Brüno's dive-bombing of Eminem is getting most of the MTV Movie Awards–related headlines today, the night really belonged to the cast of Twilight. Contrary to expectations, though, the evening's loudest screams of adulation came not when marijuana enthusiast Kristin Stewart played hard to get and denied the crowd the opportunity to witness firsthand a full-on Frenching session between her and Robert Pattinson, but rather when the trailer for New Moon (a.k.a. Twilight 2) made its world premiere. And although some piercing shrieks rang through the auditorium when they showed shots of Edward and Bella kissing, the biggest catcalls came when the formerly puny Taylor Lautner ripped off his shirt to reveal a freshly pumped-up torso that would make even the Daniel Craig popsicle jealous. From the looks of him, we can only assume that the best way to combat restless leg syndrome is to spend 24 hours a day at the gym.