Where the Wild Things Are DVD to Feature No Shortage of Bonus Material


Spike Jonze has been fairly candid about the creative differences between Warner Bros. and him over his upcoming movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are; it's no secret that cuts and reshoots were ordered following a disastrous test screening last year that irreparably scarred a theater full of small children, forcing many into lives of violent crime. Even so, this is sort of a surprise: Yeah Yeah Yeahs leader Karen O, who's composing the score, told the London Times over the weekend that she's seen the film "13, 14 times, but like 12 different versions of it" (emphasis ours). Of course, she could be exaggerating, or maybe those cuts could have only small variations, but still, next year's deluxe Wild Things DVD package will probably make your three-disc Brazil box set look pretty measly.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: why fans of the art-punk trio can't say no [London Times via Playlist]