Will Forte Wows Jimmy Fallon’s Audience With Potential New Late Night Theme Song


We know it's kind of sacrilegious to say so, but as much as we enjoyed Conan's debut as host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon's show last night was even better (and the best of his young career). Knowing that they would likely have an especially strong lead-in — ratings for Conan won't be out until later today — the show's producers made the wise decision to stack their deck with a slew of strong guests (Jon Favreau from the set of Iron Man 2, Anne Hathaway playing acoustic guitar!) and their best bits (7th Floor West, Slow Jammin' the News). However, the show was stolen by Saturday Night Live's Will Forte, who not only admitted that a feature film based on MacGruber is indeed in the works, but also joined the Tubes the Roots onstage to perform a song he hopes will replace "Here I Come" as Jimmy's new theme song. Along the way, he earned the first standing ovation in the history of the show.

New 7th Floor West, Will Forte Sings With the Roots, Slow Jam, and Jon Favreau! [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]