Will.I.Am Unlikely to Be Sent to Prison


When yesterday we heard of Sunday night's fisticuffs between gossip blogger Perez Hilton and the entourage of Black Eyed Peas leader Will.I.Am, our first thought was for the safety of the involved parties. Just kidding! Like you, we immediately wondered if some benevolent jury would find Will.I.Am guilty of a ginned-up charge, throw him in the clink, and give everyone's ears a rest. Reading through today's newspaper coverage, though, we've not yet seen a single suggestion that this is even a remote possibility. Perez seems to be okay (or okay enough to draw semen on faces), and the lone charge filed so far is against the Peas' manager, Polo Molina, who peacefully turned himself in to police on Sunday. Also, not only is the incident unlikely to interrupt the promotion of the band's new album, it also inspired Will.I.Am to open a Twitter account. Sorry for all the bad news!

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