ABC Moving Forward With Plans to De-Uglify Betty


After a perilous stretch earlier this year that saw the show come dangerously close to buying the proverbial farm, ABC decided to bring Ugly Betty back for one more stroll down their prime-time catwalk. However, that decision seemingly came with some consequences. In this, the fourth season of the show, America Ferrara's title character finds herself being promoted to Mode's associate features editor. However, the producers of the show seem to be following the old "You dress for the job you want, not the job you have" adage and are planning on giving Betty a glam makeover. ABC is treading lightly, though; Michael "Raisin Bran" Ausiello is reporting that the network has been testing multiple possible makeover looks with focus groups all week.

According to Ausiello, "the [ABC] suits appear most concerned about whether fans of the show will deem Betty’s transformation appropriate, given her four-year journey from flunky to editor, or whether the changes are too drastic and compromise the essence of the Everygal." So what did the groups think? According to one loose-lipped participant, "She looks a lot classier, but she’s still far from perfect." Lest you think the network execs have lost their edge in the age of Obama, they're also probing the groups to get their takes on wildly superficial details like whether they approve of Betty’s newly styled eyebrows. We can only hope Betty executive producer Ben Silverman doesn't find himself too swayed by the opinions shared in this group, as everyone who has ever seen a picture of the man knows his impeccably manicured brows are nothing short of a national treasure.

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