Alia Shawkat Attempts to Justify Her Blatant Disregard for the ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Moratorium


Remember that basically unwatchable rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" from a few weeks ago, the one where Ellen Page and Har Mar Superstar moped around the trendy Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake doing the worst karaoke version of the song that's ever been released into the public domain? Well, that was the first thing that Movieline asked about when they recently sat down to talk with Page's co-conspirator, Alia Shawkat (a.k.a. Maeby from Arrested Development). Turns out it was indeed a present for Page's mom, who recently retired, and that "It’s just this thrown-together thing we did in twenty minutes [...] Obviously, it was supposed to be a joke." Apology not accepted! [Movieline]