Alice in Wonderland Trailer Appears to Be Significantly Less Scary Than We Initially Perceived


We'll admit with only the slightest bit of reticence that we're still occasionally plagued by nightmares brought on by the terrifying Alice in Wonderland stills that were released a few weeks ago. However, after viewing the trailer for the Tim Burton joint that's scheduled to be released in March 2010, we feel as if there is not nearly as much pants-shitting potential in this film as we had initially feared. ... As you have come to expect from any of Burton films, the teaser is full of fantastical (and, at times, phantasmagorical) images, including Tweedledee and Tweedledum getting scooped up by the talons of some sort of winged bird of prey and a more-cute-than-scary first look at the computer-generated Cheshire Cat. Of course, we also get our first taste of the strangely sexless Johnny Depp's performance as the Mad Hatter, which is punctuated by yet another variation of Depp's British accent. All that said, the quick shots of Helena Bonham Carter's freaky-deaky Red Queen will likely result in us falling asleep this evening in the glow of our nightlight.

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