Big Fan Trailer: Patton Oswalt Goes to a Dark Place


With his first-ever narrative screenplay, for last year's The Wrestler, former Onion editor Robert D. Siegel showed us the tragic, improbable beauty behind Mickey Rourke's lumpy, disfigured face — but can he work similar magic with a more traditionally handsome star, like Patton Oswalt? Signs point to yes! Witness the trailer for Big Fan, Siegel's directorial debut — about a creepily obsessive New York Giants supporter so devoted that he declines to press charges after the team's star linebacker brutally assaults him — which scored strong reviews at Sundance this year for Siegel and Oswalt, whose previous filmography would not strongly indicate an ability to portray Travis Bickle (Manohla Dargis called him "terrific and fearless"). Yes, this certainly looks darker than his role in Ratatouille.