Cobra Starship Does It for the D-Bags, Matisyahu


Last night at the Diesel-sponsored Webster Hall show they played with Clipse (who had a Kanye West assist), the Roots, Lykke Li, and Passion Pit, we spoke with members of Cobra Starship, whose “Good Girls Gone Bad,” featuring Leighton Meester, has flirted with Song of the Summer status. “That’s cool, because I can call my moms up, and my mom’s like, ‘Yeah, I heard it in my office,’” singer Gabe Saporta told us. Guitarist Ryland Blackinton takes pride in more than just having his family hear it: “My douchebag neighbor plays it from his car stereo and I’m just kind of like, [we’ve come] full circle.” But it was pride of another type that we asked Saporta about: Does he, as a chosen person, feel special representing for Jewish rockers? “I’m not a Jewish person in terms of, like, religion,” he answered, in part. But Blackinton, not Jewish, helpfully offered this: “We met Matisyahu the other night.”