Dirge-Rock Band Misses Cavemen Almost As Much As Vulture Does


Gosh, has it really been one year, 204 days, and seventeen hours since ABC last aired an episode of critically loathed, ratings-deficient, Vulture-beloved neanderthal comedy Cavemen? Sometimes we (briefly) lose track. And even though its makers never released that season-one DVD in stores like they promised (or even mailed us our own personal copy to watch and enjoy), there's still a very special place in our hearts for the zany misadventures of those cutup Cro-Magnons. Which is why it made us so happy this morning when Maura alerted us to the new 3 Doors Down (yes we know) video for "Let Me Be Myself," which extends the band's recent 30-second Cavemen-featuring Geico commercial into a full four-minute narrative on the plight of the modern-day troglodyte. It's basically a mini-episode of Cavemen and was enough to dull our pain, if only for a few moments (after we turned our speakers off, obviously). Enjoy.