Brand-New District 9 Trailer Will Leave Sci-fi Fans Drooling With Anticipation


Tagline: "Coexistence has never been easy. Why won't we let them leave?"

Translation: You don't know what you got till it's gone.

The Verdict: We've said it before, but we'll say it again: District 9 is well positioned to be this year's Cloverfield. The similarities between the two films are striking in that both feature a riveting sci-fi-leaning plot, a cast of no-name actors, and some impressive yet understated special effects (read: the exact opposite of anything you saw in Transformers: RotF). Written and directed by Peter Jackson protégé Neill Blomkamp, District 9 is set in the near future and revolves around a race of extraterrestrials who have been marooned in South Africa for 30-odd years. The buglike aliens, whose intentions here on Earth are unknown, have been cordoned off by an international agency that goes by the acronym MNU and is forced to live in a ghetto outside of Johannesburg. Unlike many trailers these days, this one does a fantastic job at establishing mood and tone but doesn't give much away in terms of plot. Color us excited!

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