Drake’s Vixens Hold Up Admirably Well in Demanding Video


We’re late to it — the clip surfaced last week — but our belief upon returning from vacation is that this video for Drake’s Song of the Summer stalwart “Best I Ever Had” is timeless. Or at least, its operating assumption is: Boobies make everything better. The rapper plays the coach of a basketball team comprised of women so well-endowed — and, let’s say, unsupported as they engage in their athletics — they would make the editor of King magazine (R.I.P.) blush. (You’re probably all too young to remember the heyday of Juggs.) And indeed, the group’s a real handful — in the one nod to the song’s actual theme, each woman demands he declare her the best player. What do you think — could this herald the beginning of the end of the booty’s place in rap culture?