Entourage Writers Have Now Fallen Roughly Two Years Behind the Zeitgeist


We'll be the first to admit that we're not doing very well with our promise/threat to renounce Entourage once and for all. The show continues to frustrate us on a nearly weekly basis with its general lack of forward momentum and absence of anything even remotely resembling dramatic tension, but there's still something compelling to us about the adventures of Vinnie, E, Ari, Drama, and Turtle. Chalk it up to the chemistry among the leads, we suppose, because the show's recent scripts are really suffering from their lack of timeliness. But whereas last week's episode felt a bit stale because of poor foresight by the writers regarding some very specific insider-y Hollywood details, the opening scene of last night's episode revolved around conversations that were pretty thoroughly explored way back in the summer of 2007.

For reasons that weren't particularly clear, Turtle and the gang took a break from helping E move into his new, Sloan-approved bachelor pad to discuss the merits of Seth Rogen's looks in Knocked Up and whether Katherine Heigl would ever sleep with him in real life. Really! We're not going to front and pretend like we've never had that exact same conversation, but, and correct us if we're wrong, hadn't we as a society pretty much put this discussion topic to bed two summers ago? We'll admit that we got a chuckle when Turtle said, "[Seth Rogen's] ugliness is oddly fascinating, especially in Blu-ray ... it pisses me off!" but everyone knows Rogen has spent pretty much the last year and a half dropping weight. In fact, in two short weeks, Rogen makes his debut as a newer, thinner incarnation of himself in Judd Apatow's Funny People (which was shot last summer). When exactly are the writers of Entourage turning these scripts in, anyway?

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