Get a Taste of What’s to Come in True Blood Season Two


As a means of whetting your True Blood appetite while we put the finishing touches on our recap of last night's explosive episode, take a gander at this trailer for the second half of the show's second season that debuted at Comic-Con yesterday. In it, we get the briefest of glimpses of what Alan Ball has in store for us over the course of the next six episodes: Eric's desire for Sookie continues to escalate; Sookie gets herself more than a little worked up when she finds out that Bill's old flame is back in town; Tara and Eggs continue doing the whole dead-eyed no-pants dance; things between Jason Stackhouse and Sarah take a turn for the worse; a bull-headed (literally!) Maryann chases Sam around the backwoods; the Dallas vampire contingent arrives on the Light of Day campus and, as promised, Evan Rachel Wood arrives in Bon Temps to play the Sausage King of Chicago Vampire Queen of Louisiana. Can't hardly wait! Oh, and if you've been curious what that tasty beverage that the vamps are always drinking tastes like, you won't have to wait much longer: HBO has started taking pre-orders for a human-friendly version of Tru Blood, which is described as a "uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink."