When It Comes to Onscreen Orgasms, Katherine Heigl Is No Meg Ryan


We're not sure what came over us, but for a few days there, we were actually kinda looking forward to seeing The Ugly Truth. Actually, we know exactly what came over us; there's a massive ad for it right outside of the windows of Vulture HQ (yes, in the same spot where Hellboy unsuccessfully tried to vanquish God). Anyway, our hopes for the film came crashing back down to Earth when we watched this mildly NSFW clip for the film in which Heigl inexplicably decides to wear a pair of vibrating panties that she found on her front porch to a business dinner. As you might expect from this ludicrous setup, Heigl ends up experiencing an unexpected orgasm (at the hands of a fat kid, no less) that is meant to recall the scene from When Harry Met Sally that turned Meg Ryan into a superstar. We're not sure if this moment was meant to be played for laughs or authenticity, because neither is readily apparent in this scene. Advantage, Meg Ryan!

Katherine Heigl Has Orgasm In Restaurant In Never-Before-Attempted Film Scene [Best Week Ever]