Hilarious Photos of David Arquette’s Plexiglas Townhouse Emerge


Last week, we informed you of Eight Legged Freaks star David Arquette's plans to encase himself in a Snickers-branded Plexiglas box above Madison Square Garden as a means to raise awareness for Americans at risk of hunger. When the announcement first crossed the wires, we sort of imagined that he would encase himself, David Blaine–like, in some sort of uncomfortably small box that would require him to stand on his feet for eight hours. After all, personal sacrifice is one of the more important tenets of charity work!* However, we just stumbled across these photos of Arquette's surroundings and nearly keeled over when we realized this so-called "Plexiglas box" is actually bigger than our apartment. Not only are two ridiculously comfortable-looking chairs in there, but there's also plush red carpeting and what looks to be a nice coffee table of some sort. We can only hope that this deluxe bachelor pad is still on the market when our lease runs out in a few months!

*Just to prove that we're not total heartless monsters, you really should check out the good work the people at Feeding America are doing.