Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer Has Us Concerned That the Title Might Be the Best Thing About the Film


Hot tubs have a long and storied history in the entertainment sphere. From reality-television programs like The Real World to serious, adult-minded dramas like About Schmidt (Kathy Bates!) to hilarious eighties-era goof-off flicks like Ski School (which has been re-airing on HBO lately, you should totally re-watch it), hot tubs have had a wide range of cinematic uses throughout the years. However, it's safe to say that the premise of Hot Tub Time Machine could very well be the Avatar of Jacuzzi-based entertainment product, in that it will shatter your very perceptions of what can be done with a few gallons of warm and bubbly water. Put aside the fact that audiences will have to dig deep to maintain their suspension of disbelief when they are asked to accept that Craig Robinson and Clark Duke would EVER be friends with John Cusack in real life; the simple fact that a major studio financed a film with the title Hot Tub Time Machine is reason enough to pre-order tickets on Fandango. That said, this teaser isn't showing us much; let's hope this film has more than just a great title.

Red Band Teaser Trailer: Hot Tub Time Machine [Big Screen Little Screen]