Megan Fox Gets Her Turn to Spout Off Diablo Cody’s Catchphrases in Jennifer’s Body


Tagline: "Behind her smile, under her skin, inside her body lives a demon."

Translation: A demon with the mouth of a pissed off Juno, that is!

The Verdict: Much to the chagrin of film aesthetes everywhere, Diablo Cody took home an Oscar in 2008 for her Juno screenplay, a movie that traveled from zeitgeist-y indie sensation to blogger-backlash vehicle in near record time. Diablo's next project, The United States of Tara, took her from the silver screen to the small screen, but she makes her anticipated return to the world of film with the Megan Fox horror/comedy, Jennifer's Body. In this decidedly red-band trailer, both Fox's killer body (literally!) and Cody's penchant for hyper-modern dialogue are on full display ("You need a mani bad, you should find a Chinese chick to buff your situation"; "It smells like Thai food in here, have you two been Phuking?"). Perhaps most interestingly, though, the film will be the first real test of Megan Fox's box-office clout; when the Karyn Kusama–directed film opens in September, we'll finally know whether teenage boys will turn out to ogle her when she's not surrounded by giant robots and massive explosions.

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