January Jones Implies Something Foul About Jon Hamm’s On-Set Bathroom Habits


"I work with a lot of children and dogs and horses and Jon Hamm, which kind of fits into that category." —Mad Men's January Jones [Interview]

"Luckily it wasn't my breasts, it was the bit in-between. It got a bit burnt when an explosion got a bit close." —Sienna Miller on an injury on the set of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [Contact Music]

"Laid back. Hard workin. People person. Original gangsta. I think I covered all the bases." —Snoop Dogg describes himself in five phrases or less [Pop Matters]

"I was getting ready to come here tonight and my son came up to my trailer and said, 'Where are you going, my beauty?' I hear that, and I don't really need anything thing [sic] else." —Mary-Louise Parker [People]

"I have a private Facebook page that's obviously not listed as Anna Paquin but there is also somebody on Facebook who is pretending to be me. In the last month I've been 'engaged', I've been in the hospital and evidently my 'manager', who is indeed writing on it, can't spell or use grammar. They have this whole world going about me, and things that I've said and pictures of the ring when I got 'engaged'. It's awesome." —Anna Paquin [Contact Music]

"I was so reticent to ever do romantic comedy again, I just assumed it was always going to be bad and get screwed up. So as a protecting agent for myself, I said I'd like to be an executive producer, just so I had the right to come in and meddle in case I didn't like what was going on, but I never had to do that, that's how much I enjoyed myself." —Sandra Bullock [Female First]