Judd Apatow Has a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation For Funny People’s 146-Minute Running Time


"It's a mentor story. It's a disease movie. It's a coming-of-age movie. It's a movie about trying to restart an old romance. It's 11 different movies rolled into one." —Judd Apatow on Funny People [LAT]

"Los Angeles is full of lost souls. Aspiring blanks. Everybody goes there to make a mark, to be something, and not everybody gets to do that, so what happens is you have all these little lost souls bouncing around, trying to fill a void. And, yeah, I think the sunshine is a big old disguise." —Eva Mendes [Contact Music]

"It's true that I was educated by women. I was surrounded by women the ten first years of my life and I think this is a huge influence." —Pedro Almodóvar [Guardian UK]

"I love Hole, and they had a cool thing and a cool vibe, and I'm influenced by a lot of people." —Taylor Momsen still likes Courtney Love, despite everything [MTV]

"People don't believe me when I tell them Michael [Cera] and I were just playing parts, that we're not romantically involved. They don't realize everyone in the film, including the director, is an actor playing a part." —Charlyne Yi lies to a journalist about Paper Heart, presciently [The Star]