Mariah Carey Inhabits a Stalker, But What’s in the Minds of Her Haters?


We’re not sure what we expected from Videogum and its commenters, but looking at the site’s post today about the video for Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” — the anticipation of which was stoked with rumors that the song is directed at Eminem, as well as images from the shoot showing Carey dressed as an Eminem-type figure with a (mind-blowing) goatee — we were actually rather shocked at the level of vitriol directed at the singer. We thought Carey — or whoever dreamed up the concept here — was clever to cast herself as the stalker, but many people attributed it to her ego, as if her inflated sense of self somehow dictated that she should transform her appearance into that of a ridiculous white dude. So what is it, Mariah haters — what’s the real reason for your reflexive scorn? Her history-making commercial success? The assumption that she’s an out-of-control diva? The altogether inauthentic way she fills out the upper half of a tight black dress? Now if you’ll excuse us, we have to groom our goatee.