Mary-Louise Parker’s Alice in Wonderland Significantly Less Terrifying Than Tim Burton’s


About two months ago, Mary-Louise Parker expressed regret for agreeing to film a scene in Weeds while in the nude. At the time, she confessed to More magazine that "I didn't think I needed to be naked. I fought with the director about it, and now I am bitter." Well, from the looks of her NSFW photo spread in the new issue of Esquire, it appears that she didn't experience the same issue with the photographer who conducted this particular shoot. As a supplement to the interview, Esquire shot a video of (a clothed) Parker reading aloud from a copy of Alice In Wonderland alongside a giant teddy bear and a plate of milk and cookies. We're not quite sure that this two-minute video will hold up to Tim Burton's upcoming, trippy feature film, but one thing is for certain: Mary-Louise Parker's version definitely won't give you any nightmares.

Disquieting Bedtime Stories with Mary-Louise Parker: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland [Esquire]