M.I.A.-Directed Video a Kaleidoscopic Kick in the Head


We’re going to go ahead and relate today’s blog-dominating clip to Michael Jackson, because both M.I.A. and Jackson believe in uniting every color (of people and fashion accessory, respectively), and know the power of dance. M.I.A.’s video for her Baltimore friend Rye Rye’s “Bang” is, well, very colorful and full of dancing. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like at one of those mythical Baltimore D.J. parties — or to trip balls in a mid-eighties JCPenney — then these three minutes and 38 seconds are for you. But the real credit goes to rapper Rye Rye herself, who, in addition to looking positively dangerous in the way her limbs fly, managed to collaborate with M.I.A. on a song called “Bang” without resorting to samples of guns going off.